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Spider Fighter is the new handheld implement that kills venomous spiders in your home, with more confidence, safer distance, and without being directly under the spider. Transparent for better accuracy, unique angle for ceilings, corners and many other odd places you'll discover. It has an 18 inch reach with a 4 x 4 inch kill zone.

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The Spider Fighter is of superior quality, made in USA, from polycarbonate that's used to make bulletproof windows, safety glasses, etc. It's nearly unbreakable so it should last a lifetime, unlike regular plastic, and comes with a replacement guarantee. The Spider Fighter is too thin to be bulletproof so don't try to shoot it.

Spider Fighter implement to kill spiders in your home

Saving a loved one or yourself from being bitten by a venomous spider was the original inspiration for the Spider Fighter and still is! Other conventional means like the flyswatter, shoe, broom, waded-up paper, etc., are inadequate for the task and can let the spider escape to possibly spin a web and lay 100's of eggs or inflict damage at a later date. Get that spider the first time you see it, because the only thing worse than finding a spider in your bedroom, is losing a spider in your bedroom!

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Spider Fighter is eco-friendly and a great alternative or assistance to pesticides, to that just arrived spider, cockroach, insect or bug. There's no need to call for pest control or insect extermination services unless your home or property is infested. However, for the occasional spider encounter, the Spider Fighter will always be the right choice for this "task specific" problem. Like the flyswatter, it's the best tool for the job because of its' "task specific" design. It's why the Spider Fighter should be in every home right next to the flyswatter.

Spider Fighter Hand Tool, Spider In Web - www.TheSpiderFighter.com

We know not everyone agrees with the killing of harmless spiders. We don't either! We also know there isn't anyone that wants to be bitten by a venomous spider. That's why we "do not" recommend "capture and release" for the following reasons: A child could emulate what they see and suffer a very serious, painful bite with deep scarring. Also, during the capture process, the spider will usually get injured and die anyway or escape.

 Spider Fighter Hand Tool - TheSpiderFighter.com

Dog and cat pets love to put their nose where it doesn't belong and can be bitten by the Black Widow or Brown Recluse spider and should be taken to the Vet immediately.

Spider Fighter is Made in USA Handheld Tool for Killing Venomous Spiders in Your Home.

Can you or your family eat or sleep with a spider on your ceiling? Spider Fighter will eventually become as common as the flyswatter, but for now, it's quite a novelty. Makes a great gift! Hang it next to your flyswatter.

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If you prefer not to get spider, insect or bug remains on your wall or ceiling, you can simply add a strip of double-stick tape onto the appropriate side and end of the Spider Fighter to prevent this from happening! The appropriate place you would add the strip of double-stick tape would depend upon where the spider, insect or bug is and what side and end of the Spider Fighter you decide to use.

Spider Fighter With Double Stick Tape Demo

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