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Most Outrageous "Spider Bad" Stories That Effect People's Life

Most Outrageous Spider Reaction Ever | PBH2, Video Before It's Viral
By savannah
OK, so who wishes that the dude used his thick head as a bludgeon?
PBH2, Video Before It's Viral

Slayer Guitarist Recovering from Flesh-Eating Disease
By Rolling Stone Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman has been forced to pull out of the band's forthcoming world tour due to complications from a spider bite. "While Jeff's been doing some writing and has been coming to rehearsal over the past several weeks ...
Insects and Homes
Sault Ste. Marie Evening News (blog)
Mosquitoes and spiders are the most common ones we see. The first can be a health hazard to you and your pets so it is good to spray for them every year and ...

Spider Bite Sends Child to ER, Doctors Think it Was a Brown Recluse

Gabe Cash from South Boston was bitten by what doctors believe was a brown recluse spider, but the right medical attention kept a bad situation from getting ...

Girl's Brown Recluse Spider Bite Turns Into Open Wound
When a little girl's spider bite developed into a nasty open wound, doctors had to perform two procedures to remove blackened, dead tissue from her leg, ...

Hundreds Of Black Widow Spiders Hatch Inside Shipping Container
The Inquisitr
Norwich, England – Officials believe that hundreds of black widow spiders may have hatched while traveling between Arizona and England, according to AOL Travel. During its journey across the pond, the container full of tires spawned a horrifying number ...

Another Black Widow Found in Grapes
NBC Connecticut
"(I) washed them properly, the way you're supposed to, and I put them in a bowl, started to have a couple of them, and I saw the spider crawl out," she said. "I got pretty concerned. I mean, a lot of people handle these grapes, the workers, the produce ...

Redback danger lurks in dark crevices
Toowoomba Chronicle
"Redback spiders are out-and-about in force at this time of year. More so because of the warm weather," Mr Hodge said. "The conditions are perfect for a boom year for all spiders and insects. "We are seeing more and more redback spider activity ...

Reds are back on the bite for a season in our sun
The Sunshine Coast Daily
The Sunshine Coast's most feared creepy-crawly, the redback spider, has started to arrive for the summer, ready for a hot and humid mating season. And with more than 40 already admitted to Coast hospitals for spider bites this year, pest control ...

Driver blames spider for distracting her before crash
Fraser Coast Chronicle
A car travelling on Torquay Rd crashed into a parked car outside Torquay State School on Monday. Alistair Brightman. THE driver of a Hyundai Excel that veered into a parked car opposite Torquay State School has blamed a spider for diverting her attention.

House spider almost killed me, says woman
The civil servant, 31, went to a clinic and was told she had most likely been bitten by a spider and was given antibiotics and paracetemol to take. But two days later she began vomiting and struggling to stand, so her husband Michael, 35, called an ...

Deadly Australian Spider Spins Web Across Japan
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The redback spider, distinguished by the fireball marking on its black back, has become a seasonal pest in big port regions in western Japan like Osaka and Fukuoka. But the ministry said the migratory spider has become more ambitious, reaching farther ...

Royal Navy airbase put on alert after its warehouse is invaded by ...
RNAS Culdrose in Helston, Cornwall has come under attack - but staff are calling in environmental health rather than their toughest Marines thanks to the ...

Spider spins web, crashes voting machine in Rehoboth
During the morning rush Tuesday, one of the town's machines malfunctioned and failed to recognize ballots because a spider web had blocked a sensor, said Town Clerk Kathleen Conti. “It was something as simple as that,” she said. “We were cursing that ...

Confessions of an arachnophobe
The most common one is where my feet are rooted to the spot, then I see in my peripheral vision a spider drop to the ground from somewhere above my head, leave a thick grey strand of spider web. Then there are dozens of them dropping down all around, ...

Today, I discovered a brown recluse spider in - FML
By Felling
Animals : Today, I discovered a brown recluse spider in my house. Before I could smash it, it escaped under the door. Now I'm freaked out and wearing boots and ... Read more

The shape of fear: why we hate spiders
Independent Online (blog)
Scientists believe they may have worked out why most people fear spiders more than other creepy-crawlies. Here, amateur spider keeper Yegor Konkin, 23, ...

Slayer's Dave Lombardo on His Friendship With Lars Ulrich and the Status of ...

Hanneman will be sitting out the tour to continue his recovery process after complications associated with a debilitating spider bite. In a new interview with MetalPaths.com, Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo was as asked about Hanneman's current health ...

Hotel fall woman, 24, was 'throwing spider out of a suitcase' when she lost ...
Daily Mail
By Leon Watson A woman who fell 80ft from a hotel balcony in Majorca lost her balance while trying to throw a spider out of her suitcase, her mother has revealed. Chantelle Serginson, 24, of Middlesbrough, was left in intensive care after she fractured ...

Answers About How to Deal With Pests, Part 2
New York Times (blog)
Many spiders are simply a nuisance and even beneficial as they feed on insects. However, the brown recluse spider is considered a medically important spider because of its toxic venom. These spiders can be in large numbers in homes.

Spider Phobia: Brain Scan Shows Cure in 1 Session
By Salynn Boyles May 21, 2012 -- Before receiving treatment for her lifelong fear of spiders, one Chicago college student would flee her dorm for days if she merely suspected one's presence. She worried that her phobia would keep her from living on her ...

Slayer Guitarist Recovering from Flesh-Eating Disease
By Rolling Stone Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman has been forced to pull out of the band's forthcoming world tour due to complications from a spider bite. "While Jeff's been doing some writing and has been coming to rehearsal over the past several weeks ...

Red-headed spider packs punch
Warwick Daily News
The Red-headed Mouse Spider has a bite full of toxic venom that is currently treated by Funnel-web spider anti venom. WARNING, the following story contains descriptions and images of spiders that people with or without arachnophobia may find disturbing ...

Sting in the tail for outdoors adventurers
Herald Sun
SPIDERS Although relatively rare, the redback spider bite can be painful and dangerous for pets. Dogs are relatively resistant to the effects, but cats are more sensitive. It's uncommon to witness the bite, but signs may include intense pain at the ...

Warning, Strong Language.
Crazy Story of the Day: Stephan Bonnar Detained in Bahrain, Bitten by Camel Spider
But proving that no good deed goes unpunished, on Bonnar's way out of the country, he was detained by airport security, interrogated for over a day, and bitten by a poisonous camel spider before finally being allowed to leave. Why, you ask?

Brown Recluse bites Novinger-area woman
For our Facebook Story of the Day, several of you wanted to know more about Brown Recluse spider bites. Doctors believe Amanda Hilderman of Novinger was bitten by one of the poisonous spiders about two weeks ago. They can't say with certainty without ...

Brown widow spiders on the move in Louisiana
Reports of deadly brown widow spiders are coming in from all over Louisiana. The most recent sighting is in Zachary where a woman says she spotted one of the potentially deadly critters outside her house. Danielle Kinler told our Baton Rouge affiliate ...

Woman almost loses hand after being bitten by a false widow spider
Daily Mail
The black spider, a close relative of the deadly Black Widow, unleashed a toxic venom which caused her hand to swell up dramatically. The former medical photographer had to be taken to hospital where surgeons have operated on her three times to remove ...