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     Hello, my name is Greg and I don't like spiders in my house! I've heard that the planet earth would be uninhabitable without spiders so I want spiders in the world just not in my house! I always used the toilet brush to kill spiders with varying results. Last spring, the very first spider showed up in the ceiling corner of my shower and I grabbed the usual toilet brush and pushed it into the corner and then pulled back to see the dead spider except the spider was not there. All of a sudden here comes the spider crawling toward me on the toilet brush handle. I dropped the brush into the bathtub and the spider went crawling really fast to get away so I picked up the brush and barely got the the spider. It almost got away. The next day the exact same thing happened and this time I was really frustrated! All of a sudden it came to me what would work a lot better....something with a flat surface to squish the spider, that would fit into the corner, with a nice length handle. I then started making drawings of my idea and thought, "This looks kind of like a spatula except I've never seen a spatula with an angle like this and I wouldn't want to flip hamburgers with my spatula if I kill spiders with it. I realized that I could designate a spatula for the task of killing spiders except I liked my design better with a perfect angle and long handle to easily stand at a comfortable distance from the spider and not under the spider so that if it's a frisky spider and it jumps down before I squish it, it won't land on me or the handle. I also decided to make the squishing flat part transparent to see the spider through it as to be able to position the squishing part more accurately onto the spider and see that the spider is indeed dead before removing the squishing part. I decided on the name of this new implement, hand tool for killing spiders, the very first day I conceived it. It was to be called the "Spider Fighter" and it makes me feel very comfortable and happy that I own one! Never fear, the "Spider Fighter" is here! I hope you, your family and friends, will enjoy the "Spider Fighter" as much as my family and friends do! By the way, the "Spider Fighter" makes a great gift! It will eventually be as common as the fly swatter, but for now it is quite a novelty!


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