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Testimonials and Reviews of Spider Fighter Handheld Tool:

- Have not had to use this yet (thank goodness because that means no creepy crawlers have invaded my home yet) but this reliable seller promptly delivered this product and it is absolutely as described and at a fair price. Thanks so much. Lois

- I bought my Spider Fighters a couple months ago off the website - thespiderfighter.com. I’m happy to report it does live up to all it’s claims! This true story will blow you away! When I found the SF on the net , I told my wife I wanted to get it. After all, I live with 5 females and that makes me the default exterminator. Dad, there’s spider on the ceiling or bee in my room. My wife actually said no at first, stating…OK you got the spider, who’s cleaning up the mess on the ceiling and I can’t believe you are paying that much for shipping? I told her that on the web site there was a video on using the SF with double stick tape and that it would not only eliminate bug remains but also had an ingenious way of a clean, safe disposal. She watched the tape video and was blown away on how genius the SF is with the double stick tape. She said…get it!  I’ve used the Spider Fighter a lot and keep discovering more odd places it can go, especially with double stick tape. What a great idea! I found that because of the transparent blade you could see the spider until contact, eliminating fear. Normally, I would swing one hard death blow to the ceiling flinging it who knows where. Spiders are very delicate, so you just have to “place” the Spider Fighter on the spider (specially using tape) rather than swatting it. OMG! As I write this review, my granddaughter came and told me there was a wasp in the bathroom. I put two 3/4 in. strips of double stick tape on the Spider Fighter (an inch longer than blade for easy disposal) and got my camera and caught the whole genius of the Spider Fighter and tape together. I got it on film, the wasp was still alive but stuck to the tape. The disposal of the wasp was worth a standing ovation! I’m going to see if I can get this on thespiderfighter.com website. It’s only 45 sec. long. You gotta see it so I can prove what I just wrote. The Spider Fighter works and is replacement guaranteed. I highly recommend the Spider Fighter and state that it is worth every penny including the shipping cost. It’s a proven, one of a kind, bug killing tool that works! I can't believe it! While I was writing this, I got a big black spider on the ceiling with the Spider Fighter and double stick tape, and got it on video too! I will post it, stay tuned! Greg

Spider Fighter with Double Stick Tape
Killing Wasp in Bathroom Testimonial

Spider Fighter with Double Stick Tape
Killing Spider on Ceiling Testimonial


- It's about time someone made an implement for killing spiders with ease! Thank you! Judy

- I love the Spider Fighter! Lisa

- The Spider Fighter rocks! We also took it camping and it definitely came in handy! Bob and Marie

- You're right, I feel comfortable owning a Spider Fighter! It really works awesomely! Jennifer

- The Spider Fighter has made me the family hero! Whenever a spider shows up in our house, they call on me and my mean green spider fighter killing machine! Jake

- I know the Spider Fighter specializes on the ceiling and ceiling corners, but I have to tell you that there was a spider just on the wall behind my bed and I knew that if I missed it and it jumped down behind my bed I probably would have lost it. So I used the Spider Fighter with the squishing part pointed down and put it about an inch under the spider so if it jumped down it would have landed on the Spider Fighter pinned against the wall. Then I just pushed the Spider Fighter against the wall with it's flexibility and walla, viola! The spider had no chance! The fact that you can see through it also helped big time! Thank you Spider Fighter! Zack

- My teenager kept walking by with the Spider Fighter in his belt loop or in his pocket. I asked him, "Son, what are you doing?" He simply replied, "I'm hunting Dad!" Very funny! Shane

- I had a big spider in the corner of my ceiling and I knew my neighbor had a Spider Fighter, so I asked to borrow it. I used it and wow! I'm now going to get 3 for my house! Thank you Spider Fighter! Julie

- I hate spiders in the house, especially when I work up the nerve to hit them with something like a shoe or newspaper and I miss or they seem to up and disappear leaving me with the jeebies. Anyway, the Spider Fighter has been great. I love the long handle, being able to stay back helps my courage levels. It's also great to be able to see through it so I know I'm in the right spot. The ability to be able to get into awkward angles is terrific and it is really strong (no issues at all with breakage unlike other weapons I've shattered). We have shared Spider Fighters with family members and they use them all the time. Very clever! Dana M

- I can't believe how strong it is! Jenny


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